Resident Resources

Various Resident Resources Available at NextCorps

Max Henry

Entrepreneur in Residence

Max Henry, an executive entrepreneur with more than 25 years of experience leading Silicon Valley Internet, consumer, and business-to-business technology companies, has joined NextCorps as an entrepreneur-in-residence.

He augments NextCorps existing team of EIRs, who provide business and commercialization support and mentoring to NextCorps clients in residence and to affiliate clients out in the community. Typically, EIRs meet with startups on a regular basis and help them chart milestones and achieve strategic and operational goals and objectives toward commercialization.

Henry is currently the founder and president of Humming Bird Leadership, a leadership development firm that helps people, teams, and organizations win. His former experience includes serving as president and CEO of multiple companies including Topica (internet marketing), PrivateExpress (digital courier delivery company), Fabrik Communications (business messaging company, sold to Critical Path), and JSB Corporation (global software company, sold as SurfControl to Websense).

In other roles, he served as vice president and general manager of Information Access Company (sold to Thomson), executive vice president and general manager of U.S. Telestar, and vice president and general manager of NeXT Computer (sold to Apple), where he was a direct report to Steve Jobs and was part of the executive policy team. Henry has served on numerous boards of directors and advisory boards and is currently board chairman at InfoStreet, an Inc 500 SaaS company.

Henry holds an MBA degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Oregon and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Hobart College.


Ben Zombek

Designer in Residence


Benjamin Zombek, MBA, is a driven industrial design professional, project manager and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in executing award-winning design solutions. With a proven track record of over 100 successful medical, consumer and commercial product launches, he expertly weaves a nuanced understanding of engineering and marketing considerations within the design process. Zombek is the founder of BZDesign, a product design and branding firm collaborating with strategic leaders of high tech corporations launching disruptive technologies.

At BZDesign, our team of industrial and graphic designers collaborate with your firm to create uniquely engaging experiences. First, we get to know you and how you want to interact with your customers. Then we use that knowledge to help co-create brands that will resonate in a crowded marketplace and tailor innovative product solutions that work for your development, marketing, and business operations.

NextCorps’ Fabrication Lab is operated by BZDesign. Inside the FabLab, NextCorps entrepreneurs and other users will find state-of-the-art prototyping equipment including a laser cutter, desktop CNC, and a variety of 3D printers. Many of these machines are brand new, including the Epilog Zing laser cutter, Stratasys F170 FDM 3D printer, Gen 6 Makerbot Replicators and FormLabs Form 2 SLA Printers. The machines can produce anything from simple engravings up to fully functional prototypes.

Industrial designers from BZDesign will help with setup for these machines for members who are interested in bringing their ideas to life, as well as offer guidance and advice on how to create exactly what the user needs. The equipment will have a very reasonable pricing scale, letting users build their first prototypes for a lower cost, but more refined models on the highest quality settings for an increased cost. This means that users can test their ideas for a relatively low investment, saving time and money down the road by proving out their designs ahead of time.

BZDesign can help provide design feedback and provide tips for increased manufacturability as well as recommended production techniques. They can help interested users learn more about CAD modeling with different tools such as industry-standard Solidworks and Autodesk Fusion360, as well as Adobe Creative Suite programs and much more. The designers can also provide additional design assistance through other services from BZDesign. Whether it’s graphics, signage, marketing, or a product you need to bring to life, the FabLab is the place to learn and ask for help.