Associate Membership

Get access to NextCorps's Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and incubator services without locating your startup at NextCorps full-time
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Associate Membership

Associate Membership gives early-stage businesses and entrepreneurs who are not seeking tenancy an affordable way to leverage incubator resources and engage with the startup community. NextCorps members have full access to many of the key services provided by the NextCorps-managed business incubator.

Company Support

Starting a new venture inherently involves uncertainty and risk. A disciplined approached to identifying and mitigating these risks can make a significant impact on a young startup company. NextCorps supports early-stage startups with resources, education, and mentoring that will directly improve a company’s odds of success.

Entrepreneurs enrolled as members receive a corporate mailing address, access to conference rooms, short-term workspace, as well as technical and business research resources. Members are invited to NextCorps member-only events and receive significant discounts on some of the best entrepreneurial training programs in the state.

Additionally, NextCorps provides the following:

  • Monthly CEO round-table discussions
  • Coaching, mentoring, and networking from NextCorps staff
  • Entrepreneurs-In-Residence (EIRs): advisors that help set and achieve milestones
  • Fundraising Assistance: grants, angel investors, and venture capital
  • Office hours from local service providers such as lawyers, marketers, and accountants
  • Participation in NextCorps workshops, networking, and events
  • Access to market research reports
  • Designers-In-Residence: hands-on support for prototyping services
  • Access to first prototyping lab

Admission Factors

  • Potential for business growth and job creation in our region
  • Compatibility of the business with NextCorps’ programs and facilities
  • Willingness of applicants to accept assistance from NextCorps staff and community professionals


Program Contact

Matt Foley
Director, Startup Incubation