BetaSpace member company awarded $1.25M

SmallGrid, the manufacturer of Life Wall, a renewably powered life-support system for your home, was recently awarded $1.25 million from Governor Cuomo. The money was awarded as part of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative in Geneva to develop the “Lake Tunnel Solar Village” in the unused lake tunnel site near Highways 5 & 20 off of Elizabeth Blackwell St. The new, in-fill development will consist of 24 highly efficient townhomes and 20 micro apartments all powered by Life Wall technology and included solar arrays making the village its own micro-grid.

The Lake Tunnel Solar Village  will include a public courtyard and a new walking path that connects downtown Geneva with the lake front. Small Grid will coordinate with the City of Geneva on improvements to the actual tunnel beneath 5 & 20 to make the area a true gateway from downtown to the lake front.

Life Wall provides heat, air conditioning, hot water, fresh air and backup energy storage all in one, highly efficient, solar powered enclosure. It will be manufactured in Geneva and will create new advanced manufacturing jobs.

SmallGrid has been a BetaSpace member company since 2017. Read more in Governor Cuomo’s press release.

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