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“..Was very responsive to CAR’s decision to go through the TS16949 certification. She (HTRs Annette Brenner) was a true ‘quarterback’ getting all the right agencies in place to assist with training, consulting, and grant administration.”

“Highly recommend any business with a viable project to reach out to High Tech Rochester for their expertise.”

-Yvette Pagano, CEO/Owner

Company description 

CAR Engineering and Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of complex precision parts through advanced CNC machining, multi-slide stampings, stampings, assembly, tool and die, and other processes. They support regional and international customers. CAR serves very diverse industries including medical, automotive, aerospace, defense, consumer goods, plastic injection molders, and material handling.


Situation brief

CAR Engineering and Manufacturing recognized a need to increase their quality certification beyond ISO 9001 in order to encourage growth in the automotive customer base. They chose to pursue a TS 16949 certification to curb cost for their customers and encourage sales. Attaining a quality certification is an inclusive company endeavor requiring funds and consulting which HTR’s MEP center was able to support.



HTR matched CAR Engineering and Manufacturing to several funding opportunities to assist the quality certification advancement and was able to secure over $13,000 in funding. CAR was able to partner with specialized consultants to tackle a ISO/TS Full Standard Review, Control Plans, Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) Training, Failure Mode and Effects, and more. CAR successfully achieved the TS 19649 quality certification in 8 months.



  • $100,000 additional sales
  • Increased request for quotes
  • 20-30% growth in organic quotes from TS certification advertising
  • Reduced maintenance and down-time costs from expanded preventative maintenance measures

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