Oculi Logo

CEO, Founder, & CTO: Dr. Charbel Rizk Oculi is a deep-tech, fabless semiconductor company that produces the OCULI SPU™ (Sensing & Processing Unit), a novel architecture and product in the […]


TechRochester Logo

TechRochester is a non-profit organization that focuses on bringing technology professionals together within the community. We support professional growth on an individual level, in the hopes that together we can encourage the growth of technology within […]



CEO: Liza Lennarz Spoonless Physical Therapy is an innovative mobile application designed to revolutionize Physical Therapy for people with disabilities, chronic pain, or limited energy. The app provides personalized PT guidance […]

That’s Clearly Wealth

That's Clearly Wealth

CEO: Neziah Osayi Educating young adults in financial literacy through engaging, cinematic, and reliable visual storytelling. Youtube Instagram Tiktok

Refuse Recycled Materials

Refuse Recycled Materials - logo

CEO: Witt Gatchell Refuse Recycled Materials (RRM) is an urban mining company that processes municipal, commercial, and government waste streams into marketable industrial minerals. Learn more at RefuseMaterial.com.

ClearPath Studio

ClearPath Studio logo

CEO: Jesse Hughson ClearPath Studio allows users to visualize, optimize, and share their processes, resources, and metrics in a simple and robust intuitive interface.

CBETHNK Consulting


CEO: Anthony M. Franchini, PhD. CBETHNK Consulting is a group of life science venture advisors developing a focused project management software platform. Linkedin Twitter


Labby logo

CEO & Co-Founder: Julia Somerdin Labby provides a rapid, low-cost, lab-quality solution for real-time raw milk testing on the farm. It gives milk composition and quality information, including milk fat, […]


Youdle logo

CEO: Kontji Anthony Youdle provides shoppers the convenience to know what’s in stock before they shop, while improving shelf optimization and boosting visibility for retailers. Learn more at YoudleIT.com. Linkedin […]

Laurentide Strategies

Laurentide Strategies logo

CEO: Michael Mills Laurentide Strategies provides strategic communications services, including its unique Stakeholder Mapping platform. Learn more at LaurentideStrategies.com. Linkedin Twitter



CEO / US Branch Manager: Jean-Michel Asfour / Katie Dunn DIOPTIC Inc offers consulting services and system development in optical metrology. Its ARGOS systems for automated surface defect inspection and its […]

Higher Booking

Higher Booking logo

CEO: Kyle Chapman Higher Booking is elevating the men’s grooming industry with booking and payment software built for barbers.

Castor Energy

Castor Energy Logo

Founder & CEO: Varnell M. Castor  As a utility company, with our patented Air to Electricity and Water Microgrid, Castor Energy can provide onsite utility service anywhere on the planet […]

Kool Nerd Connect

Kool Nerd Connect Logo

Founder: Orane Barrett Kool Nerd Connect is a career readiness company that introduces and connects students to future workforce possibilities. We offer virtual courses that integrate technology with data about […]


Phlotonics Logo

CEO: Dr. Benjamin Miller Phlotonics is revolutionizing healthcare with cutting-edge technology powered by light. Their innovative approach employs light-powered chips to accurately measure patient biology, providing clinical staff with crucial […]

Mumkin Studio

Mumkin Studio Logo

Co-Founder & Director: Eve Tulbert Mumkin (pronounced mooom-kin) means “What’s Possible?” We’re a design studio dedicated to the idea that every person is a possibility. We know that education, both […]


Power2Peer Logo

Co-Founder & VP of Operations: Mamta Sonwalkar P2PConnect, created by Power2Peer, is an advanced mobile app that uses blockchain technology to establish a secure trading platform between clean energy producers […]

National Relief Fund Initiative

National Relief Fund Initiative Logo

CEO: Michelle Nemati National Relief Fund Initiative is a non-profit organization that aims to optimize healthcare flow of acute inpatient facilities, and combat the economic burden of unanticipated medical costs […]


Paverio Logo

CEO: Greg Madejski, Ph.D Parverio harnesses a revolutionary technology that allows for microplastic detection at a cost, rate, and resolution that has never before been possible; making rapid and affordable […]

Train With Susanna

Train with Susanna Logo

CEO: Susanna McDonald Train with Susanna helps high achievers, ages 30-50, to reach their full potential through private online fitness coaching that includes exhilarating rowing workouts, expert nutrition guidance, and […]


CEO: Henry Schek SunDensity’s Photonic Smart Coating (PSC) improves the efficiency of opto-electronic devices such as solar cells by enhancing and shaping the spectrum of photons, transforming wasted visible light […]

Double Helix Optics

CEO: Leslie Kimerling Double Helix Optics delivers 3D nanoscale imaging with superior depth and precision by using interchangeable phase masks that modify to engineer point spread functions (PSFs). For any […]


Double Helix Optics Logo

CEO: William Bayer, MD HealthPozitive is committed to promoting better medication management to improve health outcomes. Their flagship product, MediTeddi, is an innovative electronic teddy bear that revolutionizes medication adherence. […]


GimmeCredit Logo

CEO: Jason Warfe GimmeCredit helps individuals find and change careers through personalized AI-curated learning paths and one-on-one guidance from industry experts. Their sophisticated AI system analyzes individual needs, skills, and […]


EZDocTracker logo

CEO: Tom Cali EZDocTracker™ provides value to homeowners with a new technology that eliminates costly delays caused by lost or misplaced documents in the real estate closing process. Converting an antiquated […]


Nudge logo

CEO: Reagan Bonlie The Nudge team is creating one of the world’s first autonomous financial planning platforms. Their client-centric tool bridges technology gaps, utilizes AI/ML to help institutions provide enhanced financial […]


Nordetect logo

CEO: Keenan Pinto Nordetect is dedicated to providing the agricultural and environmental industries with cutting-edge disposable biosensors. Their biosensors are designed for chemical analysis, specifically focused on water quality assessment. With […]

Infamous Street

Infamous Street logo

CEO: Kyle Matthews Infamous Street Co. is a brand created to cater to the fashion desires of skateboarders, BMX riders, graffiti artists, and all people alike, while allowing services to […]

Great Lakes Gaming

Great Lakes Gaming logo

CEO: Ben Garvey Great Lakes Gaming (GLG) is Rochester’s only esports facility, operating a 3,400 sq. ft. gaming lounge on the 22nd floor at Innovation Square. The startup is focused […]


BZDesign logo

Founder/Principal: Ben Zombek BZDesign is a full-creative suite of talented designers dedicated to building brands. Core services include industrial design, graphic design, and user interface, with custom-tailored packages to meet […]

PreAct Technologies

PreAct Technologies logo

CEO: Paul Drysch PreAct Technologies is creating the world’s fastest flash Lidar with optimized object-tracking software integrated into low-power, affordable units for millimeter accuracy at high-resolution and blazingly fast frame […]

First Class Coach

First Class Coach logo

CEO: James A. Lopata First Class Coach is a coaching practice development tool that assists executive coaches in building their businesses. On average, it takes seven years and costs coaches […]

Industry Video Productions

Industry Video Logo

CEO: Sam Weinger Industry Video Productions works with B2B tech leaders in the manufacturing, technology, software, and service industries to increase the effectiveness of their sales process with targeted video content. […]


Edify logo

CTO: Bob Pease Edify Interactive is a virtual learning platform, created by parents, for parents. Edify takes some of the load off your employee’s plates in one of the most […]

MYRetreat Inc.

MYRetreat Inc. logo

CEO: Melissa Mueller-Douglas, LMSW MYRetreat helps companies with team building to decrease stress and increase mindfulness in the workplace using chocolate instead of trust falls. Our Chocolate Mindfulness App helps […]


Frintz logo

CEO: William Testa Frintz™ is an innovative, patented advertising service that solves the problem of today’s cluttered advertising landscape. Consumers receive free photographs of exceptional quality. The production and mailing […]

Product Cowboy

Product Cowboy logo

CEO: Zach Roth Product Cowboy offers stakeholder engagement SaaS for Product Managers. Learn more at ProductCowboy.com. Linkedin Twitter


Reviewtamer logo

CEO: Velizar Demirev Reviewtamer helps you understand your customers by capturing their feedback at the perfect moment. Collect honest customer reviews with post-purchase surveys and get real-time customer feedback, and […]


PlankeApp logo

Co-Founders: Hannah McMullen, Patrick McMullen PlankeApp is a mobile app that makes the hiring experience for boutique fitness faster, easier, and more effective. Learn more at PlankeApp.com. Linkedin Facebook Instagram


AromaTrust logo

CEO: Emily Carpenter AromaTrust is the bridge that connects accurate and safe information, provided by aromatherapists, to empower the millions of essential oil users to use essential oils safely and […]


PayView logo

CEO: Peter Schick MyPayView provides accurate and secure proof of funds confirmation for real estate clients and transactions. Learn more at MyPayView.com.


DevUps logo

CEO: Michael Thaney DevUps helps developer leads onboard and upskill team members. With just few clicks, you can record your screen while you code and create project-based tutorials.

The Adventure Nexus

The Adventure Nexus logo

CEO: Ian Gauger The Adventure Nexus is developing a networking and e-commerce app for users to find and play tabletop games both online and locally. Learn more at TheAdventureNexus.com. Twitter […]


WanderlustPTs logo

CEO: Jess Jenney WanderlustPTs offers a best-selling online travel therapy course (Ready, Set, Travel) and other online resources to help physical therapists design a career around a lifestyle they love. […]


DataCicada logo

CEO: Allison Yacci DataCicada’s mission is to turn noisy data into meaningful results. Its machine-learning-assisted annotation platform, Tympana, uses active learning to scale researchers’ domain knowledge, resulting in greater efficiencies and […]


Qualer logo

CEO: Alex Spector Qualer assists the world’s most heavily regulated and quality-driven organizations to maintain their assets, and coordination of services with their vendors, both in a state of control […]

Refresh Water

ReFresh Water logo

CEO: Jake Weidert Refresh Water has the capability to selectively remove highly toxic chemicals from water and gases. Its goal is to clean the Great and Finger Lakes.



CEO/Founder: Alex Kronman flytedesk is the largest campus advertising network in the U.S., making it easy to reach college students where they are most engaged. Visit the flytedesk website for […]

Advanced Gene Transfer Company

AGTC logo

CEO: Omar Bakht AGTC uses Carbon Nanotubes to efficiently transfect cells with genetic material with high viability for biological research and cell therapy.


SimpliCollege logo

CEO: Richard Bannister SimpliCollege offers parents all the tools and resources needed to navigate the college process. This helps parents lower the cost and find the right college and major […]

Photonect Interconnect Solutions

Photonect Interconnected Solutions

CEO: Juniyali Nauriyal Photonect Interconnect Solutions provides optical fiber to photonic chip attach solutions with high performance and speed using laser adhesion. Linkedin

Anodyne Clinical

Anodyne Clinical

CEO: Yariv Reches Andoyne Clinical automates virtually all tasks required of the physician before, during, and after an outpatient visit. Our application automates visit planning, collects patient history, and documents […]

BreadCrumb Technologies

BreadCrumb Technologies

CEO: Jeffrey La Belle CRUMS is a recruitment system that helps employers identify the best candidates for a job by crowd-sourcing their searches with referrals of referrals of referrals. Pay […]



Boodlebag CEO: Jonah Inikori Boodlebag is an IT startup that provides tools and resources for entrepreneurs to make their path simple and successful. Visit the Boodlebag website for more information. […]

Layer Metrics


CEO: Clare Murphy Layer Metrics is enabling reliable metal additive manufacturing (AM) by certifying part integrity, layer-by-layer, during the build. Its precision measurement and optical inspection system captures every critical data […]

iNESS 360


CEO: Soner Haci iNESS 360 creates data twins of commercial buildings to analyze human behavior and usage patterns, integrating battery-operated iNESS sensors to optimize the building and space operations for small […]

Advanced Growing Resources Inc. (AGR®)

AGR Logo

CEO: Francis Pellegrino AGR® makes devices that embed edge-AI with spectral sensing to determine what things are made of. Like a working version of Star Trek’s Tricorder, AGR’s Spectre® can […]

X3i Solutions

X3i Logo

CEO: Scott Magee At X3i Solutions, our mission is to revolutionize the local number portability processes used by the Telecommunications industry to port telephone numbers. Visit the X3i Solutions website for […]

K-Neesio (creators of NuNee)


CEO: Michael Emmerling Health and mobility are closely related. Our business is focused on helping active people remain active and restoring people’s ability to be active. NuNee™ was designed specifically […]


Amici Logo

CEO: Aibek Yegemberdin Amici is a social networking application that helps make it easier to plan meetups with friends and new people nearby by syncing availability, common interests, and geo-location. […]

rel8ed.to Analytics


CEO: Robert Lytle rel8ed.to Analytics enables deep business data analytics on Big + Open Data, delivering hidden insights about corporations. We combine North America’s largest repository of business data with […]

Data Product Company


CEO: Nikhil Shah An innovation lab that asks ‘why not?’ We aspire to build a digital age, automated by A.I., that partners with humans. Visit DataProduct.company for more information.

NewVolt Solutions, Inc.


CEO: Christopher Fallon NewVolt is a team of creative problem solvers providing solutions engineering and tech consulting for enterprise software. Linkedin

SkuTek Instruments

SkuTek Instruments logo

SkuTek develops high density electronics used for data collection in the fields of nuclear physics and high energy physics. Their products can be used to study radiation, cosmic radiation, dark […]


SiMPore logo

SiMPore SiMPore, a nanotechnology materials company, engages in developing and commercializing ultrathin membranes and membrane-enabled products for materials and life sciences communities. The company also operates at TEMwindows.com which is […]


LighTopTech Logo

LighTopTech produces two and three dimensional images of organic tissues, polymers, and glass. This technology allows for imaging up to 2mm for composite materials and 0.6mm for organic tissues. These […]

Koning Corporation

Koning Corporation logo

Koning Corporation’s vision is to create a revolution in medical imaging through advanced Computed Tomography technology. The Koning Breast CT will dramatically improve the way clinicians visualize and evaluate breast […]

Genesee Northern Research

Genesee Northern Research Logo

Genesee Northern Research provides personal, hands-on consulting services to manufacturers, suppliers, and end-users of lithium primary batteries. Genesee Northern Research is an asset to their national client base because of […]



PharmAdva created MedaCube to address the alarming rate at which the elderly are unintentionally not taking their medications. MedaCube automates scheduling of up to 16 medications, reminding patients of their […]

Wavodyne Therapeutics

Wavodyne Therapeutics Logo

Wavodyne Therapeutics is developing the first generation of drugs to treat neuroinflammation and reduce the memory and cognitive disorders caused by neuroinflammatory processes.  The treatment of cognitive disorders associated with […]


Temcar logo

Founder, President, & CEO: Georgann Carrubba Tencar is the maker of The Choice Cap System- a prosthetic appliance for active-lifestyle colostomy and ileostomy patients. CEO and Registered Nurse Georgann Carrubba […]


Splyce Logo

Splyce provides a fan web application for consumers to view their esports live, keep track of social media, and see highlights. Esports, shorthand for electronic sports, are sports that are […]


SmallGrid Logo

SmallGrid is a Next Gen Sustainable Development company creating the neighborhoods and living spaces of the future. SmallGrid neighborhoods are clusters of SmallGrid Homes that are beautiful, efficient, automated spaces that […]


SimpliShip Logo

Co-Founders: Cory Margand and Michael Connell SimpliShip is an international air and ocean freight marketplace that makes it easier and more cost effective for companies to ship their products around […]

Primary Book Club

Primary Book Club

Founder: Erin Witmer Primary Book Club is an education technology company dedicated to improving outcomes during the most important years of a child’s education: the years before starting school. Nearly […]

Pollinate Publicity

Pollinate Publicity Logo

Co-Founder: Max Sims Pollinate Publicity is focused on making the best college-focused market research platform. They strive to work with local businesses and startups who could use a little extra […]

On For Friday

On For Friday Logo

Founder: Michael Agnello This isn’t your typical dating site. If personality tests, matchmaking and swiping aren’t working for you, try a new way to meet people online. Have a conversation […]

Ocean Crawler

Ocean Crawler Logo

Founder: Christian Champion Ocean Crawler is an American watchmaking company based in Rochester, New York, which specializes in self-winding and automatic mechanical watches. The designs have aesthetics that express nostalgic […]

NullSpace VR

NullSpace VR Logo

NullSpace VR allows its users to feel virtual reality (VR) with a full upper body haptic feedback system.  When connected to a game and headset, NullSpace VR allows video game […]



MicroGen powers the internet of things from vibrations found in our everyday lives. Their micro-power sources extend the abilities of wireless sensors by collecting energy released from the vibrations already […]

Lucidity Works

Lucidity Works Logo

Lucidity Works Lucidity Works has created a search, retrieval and reporting software application targeted to be used by corporate analysts.  Lucidity Works has streamlined the research process behind decision making […]

GRYT Health

GRYT Health Logo

Co-Founder & CEO: Dave Fuehrer Gryt Health created the most used app in oncology. The Stupid Cancer App is used in 1,100 cities; connecting people with others just like them […]

FiveStar LTC

FiveStar LTC

Founder: Don Feige Senior Care centers face increasing costs to stay compliant with quality and staffing regulations. Every skilled nursing facility is publicly rated on a five-star scale for clinical […]


eStork Logo

eStork is revitalizing how hospitals and medical suppliers do business by creating a unique approach that is mutually beneficial for each party.  Acting as a “matchmaker,” eStork partners groups of […]

Butter Meat Co.

Butter Meat Co. Logo

Founder: Jill Gould Butter Meat Co. is a meat brand working to increase the value proposition of retired dairy cow beef for farmers and consumers. They sell direct to customers, […]

Destination FLX

DestinationFLX Logo

Founder: Michael Mills DestinationFLX is a B-to-C online and real-world platform driving Finger Lakes tourism and economic expansion through exclusive curated content, experiences and a marketplace. The online platform informs […]

BlueZebra Sports

BlueZebra Sports Logo

Co-Founder: Jeff Wigal BlueZebra Sports is a sports officiating technology company, specializing in software used to manage sports officials.  We help managers schedule umpires and referees to work games all […]


Bitnetix Logo

Bitnetix Founder & CEO: Eric Loyd Bitnetix was founded in 2006 to provide outsourced IT management and consulting services to non-profits and small/medium businesses.  Through its SmartVox brand, it also provides […]

Aerial Inventory

Aerial Inventory Logo

Aerial Inventory empowers large scale growers to monitor crop health by measuring nitrogen, water, and stress levels of individual plants with aircraft. They perform multispectral analysis of wavelengths not visible to […]


Sproutee Logo

Founders: Meg Smitley and Luc Russell Sproutee Inc is a digital agency based in Rochester, NY. We work with small and medium sized businesses to build and maintain high-quality, professional […]


RocPhotonics Logo

Founder: Ketan Patel RocPhotonics is developing software and high-performance computing platform to bring integrated photonics design and manufacturing capabilities to academic, commercial and R&D enterprises, suitable for per-revenue startups to […]


Re-Nuble Logo

Founder: Tinia Pina Re-Nuble uniquely transforms unrecoverable, verified produce waste into plant-based technologies for both soil-based and hydroponic cultivation. Its core technology is a patent-pending device and a trade secret […]

Omnidon Productions

Omnidon Productions

CEO: Donald M Sirianni Learning apps and promotional resources dedicated to the principle that all can learn and succeed. It’s all about attitude. Learning, understanding, and appreciating self and others […]

Mindset Life

Mindset Life Logo

Founder: Benjamin Cohen Mindset Life is a cutting edge local company focused on redefining health and wellness. By offering individual and corporate nutrition and overall health programming, Mindset Life is […]

Mastermind Lounge

Mastermind Lounge Logo

CEO: Robert Brenna, Jr.  Mastermind Lounge is global, live video platform, that allows consumers to connect to master level service providers in all types of disciplines and categories. Visit the […]


ConsenSys Logo

CEO: Jacob Blish ConsenSys is solving real-world problems with Ethereum blockchain solutions for organizations of all sizes, from the local community to the global enterprise. Visit the ConsenSys website for […]


BetterMynd Logo

Founder: Cody Semrau BetterMynd is an online therapy platform for college students struggling with mental health issues. Visit the BetterMynd website for more information.



CEO: YiWei Qi AccuGPS applies highly accurate GPS technology for Vehicle/Asset tracking, Deformation Monitoring and Intelligent Fleet Management. Visit the AccuGPS website to learn more. Facebook


Data Room Logo

CEO: Marik Hazan DataRoom is a set of branded platforms targeting retail investors interested in supporting specific social movements. Investors can generate economic returns from these investments in public or […]


Arbol Logo

Founders: Favio Osorio, David Gonzalez Arbol is a two-sided market network that uses technology, finance, and the power of the crowd to enable striving students of low socioeconomic backgrounds to obtain […]

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