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Utilizing Digital to Hyperpersonalize Your Customer’s Experience

January 19, 2018 @ 7:30 am - 9:00 am

Perfect for App Developers, Digital Marketers, UX Professionals, Market Research professionals and Designers

Featuring speaker, Dr. Scott Snyder, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, Safeguard Scientifics

The explosion of digital touchpoints (mobile, wearables, IoT) coupled with predictive analytics are enabling hyper-personalized digital experiences like never before. A recent study conducted by the Wireless Innovation Council identified over 30 dimensions of context beyond simply location and time. Understanding the user’s context and short and long term behaviors, we can trigger the appropriate interaction that provides the highest likelihood of improving user behavior and helping achieve better outcomes. This talk will address the shift towards hyper­personalized user experiences driven by data versus just designing for traditional user segments.

This talk will provide insights on how the user experience paradigm is changing from design-focused to data-focused and how to leverage user context and predictive analytics to create hyper­personalized experiences. This will include examples of where current apps are falling short (70% fail to maintain long term engagement) and how hyper­personalization can be used to drive behavior change and better outcomes for users. The talk will summarize research from the Wireless Innovation Council and Mobiquity on Context­-aware apps including 30+ dimensions of context that were identified.

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