Manufacturing Services

NextCorps services for manufacturing companies

There’s a better bottom line waiting for you at NextCorps

We help small and mid-sized manufacturing companies revise their products and the way they make them, putting them on course to yield healthy levels of revenue and profit. NextCorps is the area’s conduit to both local and national resources, including grants and funding to get new initiatives going. Furthermore, NextCorps offers unique approaches to product innovation, minimizing its risk and maximizing its success. And with expertise in improving sales, productivity, efficiency and quality, NextCorps and its business consultants will get you and your company on a quicker road to growth. Typical project areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Business Assessment
  • Lean Manufacturing Services
  • Quality Management
  • Energy and Waste Reduction
  • Lean Office Management
  • New Product Development and Prototyping
  • Sales and Marketing Training

NextCorps Manufacturing Contacts

Annette Brenner
Client Development Manager

Mark Schrader
Business Development Analyst

Michael Sisson
Senior Business Consultant