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GRYT Health

Co-Founder & CEO: Dave Fuehrer

Gryt Health created the most used app in oncology. The Stupid Cancer App is used in 1,100 cities; connecting people with others just like them and with information to manage their health on their terms.

We are young adult cancer survivors and caregivers from Pharma, pharmacy, Wall Street, medical school, e-commerce and health communications. Each of us has re-routed our lives, to use what we know to help others affected by cancer. That is why Gryt Health exists.

We work with organizations who specialize in oncology to ensure people have information and access to options, so they can choose what’s right for them. Gryt Health is a company with a purpose: ten percent of our revenue is donated to Stupid Cancer, a 501c3 organization, to support people affected by cancer. Visit their website to learn more.

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