Inside the Incubator: Spotlight on Frintz

Get to know NextCorps incubation client, Frintz, which fuels the world’s passion for taking pictures while giving small businesses a new competitive edge.

Based on an interview with Bill Testa, CEO of Frintz.

About Frintz: Direct Mail Reimagined

Frintz prints
Frintz offers free 4×6 photos attached to advertisements from companies you’ll love. Its patented microperforation technology means that with a quick bend back and forth, your photo pops off with ease. No ripping, tearing, or cutting required!

Frintz provides a captivating blend of photography and groundbreaking advertising, driven by Frintz™ proprietary technology. Users simply upload photos from their smartphones and Frintz sends back free photo prints directly to their home mailboxes. These prints feature advertisements conveniently attached along a precisely perforated edge.

“The genuine enthusiasm consumers feel when receiving their own photos practically assures a 100% open rate, ensuring that every ad is seen,” said Bill Testa, CEO of Frintz. “In contrast, typical direct-mail campaigns achieve a mere 1% open rate on average.” 

Before its official launch in Rochester, NY, Frintz was recognized with the Grand Champion Award in the United States Postal Service 2021 Next Generation Campaign Awards for introducing a “powerful new advertising option for direct mail.”

Helping Small Businesses Win

Testa started his own printing company in 1988 and his years of market experience illuminated the opportunity to combine photos and ads. “I wanted to create a platform that will help small businesses and brands,” said Testa.

After securing patents, Testa followed a six sigma process to formally build Frintz and the differentiated approach to advertising. 

“The digital marketplace is cluttered,” said Testa. “The likelihood of the target market responding to an ad on the radio, TV, and billboards is low. Frintz gives every brand a 100% viewing rate, and a 100% open rate to every consumer.”

Frintz Successes and Milestones

Frintz CEO Bill Testa (center) at Visual 1st
Frintz CEO Bill Testa (center) at Visual 1st 2023

Testa shared how Frintz has its first campaign underway here in Rochester, NY, and has been covered by local media outlets at and after its local media launch in May of 2023. This October, Frintz presented at Advertising Week in New York City and facilitated a panel discussion with industry leaders, discussing the ever-changing advertising landscape, and the importance of staying on the cutting edge. 

Following Advertising Week, Bill and EVP of Strategic Business Operations, Bec Ryttersgaard, were asked to speak at the Visual 1st conference in San Francisco, California. Bill participated in the panel discussion, “What’s Next for the Photo Printing Market?” with other top-level executives, and Bec had the opportunity to present an app demo to 175+ executives from companies like Apple, Snapchat, Canva, Adobe, and others. 

By partnering with EagleOne, a Cincinnati based technology-enabled company that specializes in customer experience, lead generation, and digital marketing, Frintz is making incredible headway in creating meaningful partnerships with brands that are household names across America. 

Pictures with a Positive Impact

The Frintz story is a testament to how a willingness to embrace change and stray from the status-quo in a market can pave the way for remarkable achievements. It also highlights the significance of staying attuned to current market dynamics, as this can open the door to innovation. 

To get your free prints or explore advertising with Frintz, visit

Frintz team
The whole Frintz team in NYC for Advertising Week!

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