Inside the Incubator: Spotlight on Prolivio’s KHIO

Get to know NextCorps incubation client Prolivio, which offers those who suffer from migraines a technology-driven, drug-free solution with its new product, KHIO, a hyper-cooling digital headband and integrated app.

Based on an interview with Prolivio CEO and Co-Founder, Benjamin Zombek.

About KHIO: The Digital Ice Pack for Migraine Relief

Prolivio’s KHIO solution provides on-the-go, targeted relief for recurring migraine and headache patients. The easy-to-use, adjustable cooling headband and its integrated app allow users to diary their attacks, learn more about their condition, and personalize their cooling sessions. A GHP International Life Sciences Award winner, KHIO was named the 2023 Most Innovative Wellness Headband.Prolivio KHIO Headband

Prolivio Co-Founders, Ben Zombek and Adam Baker, are both familiar with the incapacitating impact of recurring migraine attacks, and many of their family members suffer as well. Traditional migraine medications can cause nausea and vomiting, making it hard for patients like Ben’s mom to even keep it down and leaving them to struggle through debilitating pain.

“At other times, loved ones have needed to avoid taking heavy-duty prescription medications so that they could participate in everyday family tasks, such as driving the carpool to dance,” shared Ben. “They can’t always turn to medications because they need to be focused and present for important events like weddings, or avoid ‘brain fog’ at a job interview.”

All of this motivated the Prolivio team to put their knowledge and skills to work on a new approach.

“Our mission is to improve lives,” said Ben. “Existing migraine relief methods just weren’t working for us. We knew we needed something different that acts quickly and effectively, without side effects.”

Drug-Free Migraine Relief at the Source

Cooling therapy is backed by significant research. It offers rapid relief through the process of vasoconstriction — the narrowing of blood vessels — to reduce inflammation, alleviate throbbing pain, help with light and sound sensitivity, and decrease nausea. 

KHIO’s practical, wearable cooling solution provides soothing, effective relief at the point of attack. Better than an ice pack, it relays comforting cooling without the difficulties of keeping it in place, leaking, or unbearable freezing temperatures. With the KHIO app, you can even customize your cooling therapy to target your needs.

Prolivio KHIO Headband in use

KHIO Successes and Milestones

Prolivio has had successful tests of the KHIO pre-production headband with outstanding results. For example, Susan (female, 60) suffers from more than 10 migraine days per month and does not currently use cooling to remedy her migraine pain. She tested KHIO and shared that it decreased her pain from a level 10 to a 2 on a 10-point pain scale, stating that it was also lightweight and comfortable.

Recently, Prolivio completed the design-for-manufacturing process and has entered the pre-production phase. Its contract manufacturing partners are currently building KHIO headband pre-production units while Prolivio prepares for a 1,000-unit build in the fall of this year. The team is also working with key strategic partners to deliver its cooling therapy at scale. Potential licensing deals will allow the KHIO solution to penetrate the market and achieve a wider distribution.

Cooling Relief is On the Way

The development of KHIO exemplifies how with knowledge about a problem and passion to fix it, you can come up with a solution that will make a tremendous impact on people’s lives. With KHIO, migraine sufferers have a path to instant comfort through a wearable device, a true innovation in the personal health care market.

KHIO is currently available for pre-order. Come to a loved one’s rescue and order yours today.

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