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LighTopTech produces two and three dimensional images of organic tissues, polymers, and glass. This technology allows for imaging up to 2mm for composite materials and 0.6mm for organic tissues. These images can be used to evaluate structures in the skin or eyes noninvasively or the ability to see inside materials without cutting them. They utilize a liquid lens technology that refocuses at different depths to obtain high-resolution three dimensional images of materials. LighTopTech Corp. is a women-owned business, and they are striving to bring their disruptive technology into both medical and industrial fields.

LighTopTech has recently hired their first full time employee and expanded into a larger space at the Lennox TEC Incubator.  While being a NextCorps resident, LighTopTech has utilized the First Prototype Lab and presented at Demo Day 2016. They are currently a part of the Luminate Accelerator program as well.

Visit the LighTopTech website to learn more.

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