Manufacturing Accelerator Startups

Advanced Growing Resources (AGR)

AGR™ sees the invisible™ by revolutionizing handheld optical sensors, enabling lab-grade material identification in the field. AGR engineered Spectre™, the world’s first spectrometer built for IoT™. With affordable micro-sensors and an intuitive interface in the palm of your hand, precise identification is no longer out of reach.


ExPrimary is developing high-performance instrumentation at a fraction of the cost of existing products and state-of-the-art assay content. The ExPrimary mission is to dramatically increase access to bioanalytical tools across research and diagnostic markets with a specific focus to meet advancing demand in personalized healthcare.

Health Care Originals (HCO)

Recognized globally as an innovator in the field of wearables, Health Care Originals, Inc. (HCO) develops products for the management of chronic respiratory diseases. Its first product, ADAMM, is a three-part solution — comprised of a wearable, smartphone app, and web portal — that provides Intelligent Asthma ManagementTM, automating management, increasing adherence, and identifying precursor symptoms earlier to give caregivers peace of mind and improve asthmatics’ quality of life.


K-Neesio is focused on helping active people remain active and restoring people’s ability to be active. Its product, NuNee™, was designed specifically to relieve chronic knee pain that can affect mobility. While other braces use compression and add pressure to your patella, NuNee is the only support that relieves the pressure by placing a gentle lift on your patella that helps it track properly while you run, walk, bike, and train.


Increasing labor shortages, particularly in strawberry fields, is making it more difficult for farmers to get their products on the shelves. Neupeak is building fully autonomous strawberry harvesters to usher in agriculture 4.0. Designed to increase farm yields, lower food waste, and improve food handling standards, Neupeak’s robots scan every fruit and every plant on the field and provide insights for better outcomes.


Prolivio is the team of innovative business leaders, industrial designers, engineers, and medical professionals behind KHIO, a hyper-cooling headband that uses specialized electronic plates to create a near-instant cool surface. Worn on the forehead, KHIO provides instant relief in lieu of an ice pack.

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