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Company & Product description

Custom Service Solutions’ patent pending MiJET is a compact, air-driven parts cleaner that simultaneously captures coolant and chips during the part cleaning process while eliminating oily mist from the air and reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents. MiJET recycles expensive coolants, improves air quality, and enhances workplace safety in manufacturing facilities.

 Situation brief

After receiving international sales inquiries for the initial MiJET product, Custom Service Solutions recognized the international need for their product, but they had no experience launching a product in the global marketplace. The initial referral to the Manufacturing Extension Partnership at High Tech Rochester was to clarify an urgent need for a CE Mark prior to a major international trade show. After quickly resolving this, HTR assisted with the identification of immediate needs for export compliance assistance, international market research and market entry strategy, language translation services, web site internationalization, and productivity improvements, as well as identifying potential service providers and available grant resources.


HTR matched Custom Service Solutions with experts to address each of these areas and was able to secure significant grant funding for the project, reducing the project cost by 75%.  Together they were able to establish an export program that meets all regulatory requirements and allows this nine-person firm to export their growing product line globally.


  • Today 5% of sales are to international customers and growing
  • Achieved a 20% productivity improvement on the fabrication of newly developed product features
  • Grew overall sales by 28%
  • Hired 1 full-time and 1 paid intern

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