No-code software startup accelerator coming to NextCorps

Via the Rochester Business Journal

April 8, 2021

A federal grant will provide funding for the launch and oversight of a software startup accelerator for non-technical founders at NextCorps.

The Scaling Pandemic Resilience Through Innovation and Technology (SPRINT) grant of $743,000 will be combined with matching and in-kind funds of $241,000. SPRINT is an Economic Development Administration program.

Jim Senall, president of NextCorps.

Jim Senall, president of NextCorps.

The goal is to establish a repeatable model for developing high-growth startups in the region while at the same time engaging students from Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Rochester.

The software accelerator will leverage the “no-code” movement to help non-technical founders build scalable web and mobile applications, enabling these startups to start down the path to revenue in the first year with no outside funding.


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