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NullSpace VR allows its users to feel virtual reality (VR) with a full upper body haptic feedback system.  When connected to a game and headset, NullSpace VR allows video game players to connect what they see in the game with what they feel making the game experience a more complete. With 32 independently activated vibration pads spread across the chest, abdomen, shoulders, arms, and hands, NullSpace VR is able to bring users into the game like never before by connecting their eyes to bodily instincts. NullSpace VR would be a great addition to any VR experience, in particularly shooter, action, or sports games.

NullSpace VR noted NextCorps’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence as a great asset in their fundraising and application to Y Combinator. They are currently working towards the manufacturing stage of their product development.  They plan to get up to 100 suits into the hands of game developers, and several to consumers through crowdfunding incentives.

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