Partner Spotlight: RocDev

Connecting the Rochester Tech Scene - Partner Spotlight on RocDev

Tim Poulsen, RocDev

Since its founding in 2015, RocDev has been a place for software engineers, product managers, and everyone in tech to come together to share experiences and learn from each other. The organization holds regular social and educational meetups and sends out a monthly e-newsletter to share blog posts, news, and other topics of interest from local technologists. This includes Cool Tech Finds, posts, or articles that are worth reading, and job listings from companies that are hiring. 

NextCorps recently chatted with Tim Poulsen, Engineering Manager at, who helps lead RocDev.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about how RocDev supports our community?

We’re more than just networking. For example, we do an annual salary survey and publish the results to provide both technology professionals and employers data and insight on what job market conditions are like in and around the Rochester community. 

How does RocDev help tech professionals in the Greater Rochester Region?

In our Slack group, we discuss local tech-related news, share job postings and career advice, and help each other with programming and tech-related questions. Check our links at to gain access to our community. Our e-newsletter also shares info on upcoming events from a variety of organizations around town that might be of interest.

How can founders and people who are interested in RocDev get connected to the organization?

If founders are looking to connect with us, the best way is to join our Slack workspace and say hi. Specifically, you can reach out to @geowa4 or any of #the_admins for help.

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