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Supporting Technology and Tech Professionals - Partner Spotlight on TechRochester

Judy Miller headshotTechRochester has been a pillar of the Greater Rochester technology community since it was founded in 2000 as Digital Rochester. It offers a wide array of events, training, and networking activities designed to advance the transformation of Rochester into a top 10 technology region.

NextCorps is fortunate to have even more opportunities for collaboration with TechRochester, as the organization relocated its headquarters to our co-working space in Downtown Rochester earlier this year. We recently sat down with Judy Miller, CEO of Miller & Associates Sourcing Specialists, LLC and President of TechRochester.

Note to readers: The Technology Woman of the Year 2023 Awards Ceremony is coming up April 26th. Learn more and secure your tickets.

How does TechRochester help technology professionals in our region?

TechRochester provides networking events for tech enthusiasts, speaker sessions with meaningful content, and the opportunity to expand and grow your professional network. We have become a trusted source for connecting the tech community and we’re eager to collaborate with other associations who offer similar opportunities. TechRochester allows tech professionals to gain insight into relevant and timely tech topics from leading tech-enabled companies and people.

We are also eager to shine a spotlight on the innovative tech companies and people who reside in Rochester. We’ve been doing this for more than two decades with our two signature events: Technology Woman of the Year (TWY), which recognizes and celebrates talented women working in technology related fields; and the GREAT Awards, designed to acknowledge and amplify the achievements of tech companies and people living and working in Rochester. Attendees of these events leave with an overwhelming feeling of inspiration from the talent, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial spirit that is alive and thriving in our community.

What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about how TechRochester supports our community?

It may surprise some people to know TechRochester’s programs are designed to help meet the specific needs in our community. For example, many of us recognize the need to retain talent from universities to live and work in our region. We partner with universities to connect tech talent with tech companies in Rochester through live events, and we’re launching a new podcast channel hosted by our student board representative(s) who can effectively reach and share content that is interesting and meaningful to their peers. Connecting upcoming graduates with the business community in our region opens new opportunities for possible internships or potential employment opportunities.

It may also surprise some to know TechRochester has a history of providing scholarship opportunities for students interested in pursuing learning opportunities in STEM. This year we are working with MCC and the Finger Lakes Workforce Development (FWD) Center to provide a scholarship to retrain or upskill a technical worker who is in demand by local employers.

Partner spotlight on TechRochester - quote from President, Judy Miller

What is one piece of advice you would give entrepreneurs interested in connecting with TechRochester?

The best piece of advice I would give to an entrepreneur thinking of joining TechRochester is to take the leap and grow your professional network. Meeting others who share a similar passion can positively motivate and inspire new ideas. Attending one event can provide multiple opportunities to help refine your pitch, stay ahead of emerging trends, and lead to interesting discussions.

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