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Co-Founder: Brandon Vulaj

Phrankly is an online platform giving a new layer of transparency to the restaurant industry. Restaurants use Phrankly as an advertisement platform, allowing the world to see where they source their ingredients from. Farmers use Phrankly as an easy tool to review the restaurants who claim to use their products. By partnering with Phrankly, restaurants show their current and potential customers that they take the quality of their food seriously. Consumers use Phrankly to verify that their dining decisions support their local economies, validate claims of freshness and quality made by restaurants, and to find the products that they enjoy. Phrankly was founded by Brandon Vulaj and a small team of local software professionals. They most recently brought local food writer and podcaster Chris Lindstrom of Food About Town on board to blog about Phrankly members and the state of our restaurant industry. Phrankly is currently a resident of the incubator at Sibley Square.

Visit the Phrankly website for more information.

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