Active Surfaces Flexes New Technology for the Future of Solar

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Forward Faster
Forward Faster
Active Surfaces Flexes New Technology for the Future of Solar

Active Surfaces envisions a future where any surface can be solar. The proprietary, MIT-patented technology makes it possible to apply flexible, light-weight solar panels to any surface. The technology is more than 10X lighter than standard panels with comparable efficiency and stability, and is competitive on a levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) basis. Shiv Bhakta, Co-Founder & Business Development, and Dr. Richard Swartout, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer of Active Surfaces joined Chris Carpenter, Marketing Manager and Community Relations Manager, for a conversation on the future of solar.

00:00 – Intro
00:47 – First off, tell me about Active Surfaces and how the technology came about? What’s the solution you all solve?
01:36 – Richard, can you dive in a little bit just how you’ve gotten involved with that research?
05:04 – So how’d you two get connected and get to the point where you’re at today?
06:50 – What facet about this technology do you think is most exciting and allows for the biggest impact?
08:57 – When you think about the flexibility of this product, where do you see this being most used?
12:15 – What have been some of the obstacles for you all?
14:46 – So why do you work in the startup climate space?
17:43 – What lesson or piece of advice from your founder journey would you share with other founders?
20:23 – What is next for Active Surfaces?

Learn more about Active Surfaces:

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