How PlankeApp is Designing the Future of Boutique Fitness Hiring

Forward Faster
Forward Faster
How PlankeApp is Designing the Future of Boutique Fitness Hiring

In the boutique fitness industry, the ability to form personal connections matters more than a resume or list of credentials. Traditional job posting platforms like LinkedIn or Indeed are not built for traveling Pilates instructors or other boutique fitness instructors, so Hannah McMullen and her team are building their own.

PlankeApp is a mobile app that connects instructors with the work they love, while helping boutique fitness studios vet qualified instructors and fill open positions without being tethered to a desktop.

00:00 – Intro
00:39 – About PlankeApp and the unique hiring challenges of boutique fitness studios
02:20 – The inspiration for the app, Hannah’s experience
04:43 – Managing a startup as a husband and wife team
06:02 – Building the app, hiring as a startup, bartering for services
09:09 – The journey to launch, teaming up with Traveling Pilates Instructors
13:20 – Challenges creating change in the Pilates industry
15:01 – What’s the vision for the future of PlankeApp?

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