Spotlight on What’s Good: Encouraging Consumers to Shop with Purpose

Spotlight on What's Good Podcast
Forward Faster
Forward Faster
Spotlight on What's Good: Encouraging Consumers to Shop with Purpose

Many consumers want to shop from environmentally and socially conscious brands, but they are limited by choice and challenged by inconvenience. Jennifer Young, Founder of What’s Good, talks about some of the cleaning supplies and self-care products you can find at her online store,, and the care she takes to research and select brands people can trust that align with the ethos of her business. She describes the many “shades of green” or spectrum of comfort levels people have when it comes to eco-friendly products, and how she strives to offer something for everyone. Hear her tips for living more green, the benefits she’s gained from incubating at NextCorps, and her advice for entrepreneurs just starting out.

Learn more and check out the selection of environmentally and socially conscious products at

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