What You’ll See at the OIDA Technology Showcase

OIDA Technology Showcase Podcast
Forward Faster
Forward Faster
What You'll See at the OIDA Technology Showcase

Looking for new products for your organization and information about the latest technology? Sujatha Ramanujan, PhD, Managing Director of Luminate NY, speaks with Simin Cai, President and CEO of Go!Foton, USA and OIDA Council Chair about what’s in store for attendees at the 2nd OIDA Technology Showcase.

During this 3-day virtual event on December 1-3, 29 companies will demonstrate both new and existing innovations across a range of industries and technology themes, including: Instrumentation and Metrology, Imaging and Microscopy, Fiber Optics and Communications, Services, Precision Optics and Components, Precision Sources. Participants also will hear from 33 speakers, and have multiple opportunities to network with companies and individuals. The Showcase is open to the public but you must register to attend.

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