Pre-Seed Workshop

About Pre-Seed Workshop

The Pre-Seed Workshop is an annual 2½-day “build-a-company” event. Community talent and resources rally to investigate idea-stage technologies with commercial potential from universities, corporations and major research centers.

What happens at the Pre-Seed Workshop?

The workshop determines the viability of hard-science start-up concepts from universities and federal labs by pairing inventors with a team of technical, legal, business, and financial professional mentors. Inventors evaluate their idea along with an experienced team assembled to help develop an early business model, assess specific market opportunities, and determine the next steps in creating a start-up business. This experience is not a lecture series but a hands-on workshop and is limited to a maximum of 10 teams.

“Pre-Seed Workshop provides the interdisciplinary interaction which is so vital for someone to know if their idea can be a business.”

Jack Rudnick Director, NYS Science & Technology Law Center

What are the outcomes?

Outcomes of the workshop include a business case, presentation, and a commercialization plan. Presentations created by workshop teams have formed the basis for securing seed-stage funding shortly after the workshop. After completing Pre-Seed Workshop, teams are prepared to apply for National Science Foundation ICore grants.

By the Numbers

  • 81 workshops have been held
  • 3,433 inventors, professionals, and industry leaders have participated
  • 527 “hi-tech ideas” have been analyzed
  • 170 high-tech for-profit ventures have been created
  • 600 jobs in New York State have been created
pre-seed workshop
pre seed workshop

Program Contact

Mike Riedlinger
Program Manager, Technology Commercialization