Embedded Prototyping

Digitronik Labs works with embedded device startups to help them validate their product concept, prototype their ideas, and pursue investor funding. If you have an idea for a “smart” device, Internet of Things product, or any custom microcontroller application, we’ll help you bring it to life!
We have experience developing consumer products, scientific and industrial equipment, medical devices, wearables, and more. Key features include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth communication, mobile device integration, microphones, accelerometers, high-speed I/O, FPGA integration, firmware programming, and PC companion applications.
Once you have a working proof-of-concept and funding, Digitronik can help bring your device to market with commercialization and design-for-manufacture services. Together with our mechanical and industrial design partners at High Tech Rochester, you’ve got a one-stop-shop for making your embedded product a reality!

Automation (MEP)

Digitronik Labs works with manufacturers to modernize and retrofit their automated production equipment with new technology and capabilities. If your facility has older machines, we’ll provide the support you need to keep running at peak performance, while helping you identify and implement targeted upgrades with minimal disruption to productivity.
Our engineers have experience in all aspects of automation controls. We design, program, install, and support a wide variety of industrial components, including logic controllers, operator interfaces, robots, motion and vision systems, data collection, and custom PC applications.
We serve manufacturers across many verticals, with projects in automotive, oil and gas, life sciences, glass and ceramics, and more. Our repeat customers include General Motors, Delphi, Shell Oil & Gas, Corning, and Wegmans.
Digitronik is your partner in productivity, helping you achieve reduced machine downtime, improved quality, and enhanced maintainability, all of which strengthen your production capacity, keep product deliveries on time, and help you stay competitive in a global market. Visit our website at www.digitroniklabs.com to learn more about what Digitronik can do for you!