Health Care Originals

Health Care Originals is bringing to market ADAMM – the only real-time asthma monitor that reduces emergencies by detecting precursor symptoms.  ADAMM (Automated Device for Asthma Monitoring and Management) is a patch type, upper torso located, wearable asthma monitoring system that provides the user and their doctor the ability to monitor asthma symptoms such as cough rates, respiration patterns, heartbeats and others.  ADAMM then notifies the user when the symptoms deviate from the individual’s norm to proactively aid in the management of asthma attacks.  ADAMM also has a corresponding mobile application that displays logged and live patient information, records patient symptom journals, and provides medication reminders. Health Care Originals gives patients, their parents, and doctors’ meaningful data to effectively control asthma.

Health Care Originals has participated in HTR’s PreSeed Workshop, the University of Rochester Student Incubator, and the TEN program. They are currently a resident at the Lennox Tech Enterprise Center. Health Care Originals noted that the Manufacturing Extension Program (MEP) is a key resource for their manufacturing efforts, and the monthly CEO Roundtables have provided inspiring peer feedback. A key benefit is also access to highly experienced, great mentoring by the Entrepreneurs in Residence. ADAMM, a platform technology, has progressed through prototyping, testing and studies and is currently under commercial design finalization.

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