Developing a Healthy Founder's Mindset

The most successful companies have something in common: Their founders have similar attitudes and behaviors.

Startup founders are known for being curious, thinking differently, and making bold decisions to create new markets, new products, and ultimately, new value. They know how to focus, say no, and create a work culture where employees feel a sense of ownership and commitment to achieving goals.

In this session, Özge Kantas, Assistant Professor of Psychology at St. John Fisher College, and Social and Personality Psychologist, explores the many ways to develop a healthy founder’s mindset. She shares findings from of her many years of research in human behavior and motivation, and in practice coaching entrepreneurs and startup teams, to cover:

  • Why having a founder’s mindset matters, and common misperceptions.
  • The steps to developing a healthy outlook and approach to dealing with constant change, challenges, and the complexity that comes with growing a business.
  • Practices you can do for organizational healing, empowering employee well-being, and fostering positive workplace mental health.
Developing a healthy founder's mindset

This workshop was offered virtually on March 30, 2022.

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