SiMPore awarded Phase II STTR & Phase I SBIR

SiMPore, a nanotechnology company that has been a member of High Tech Rochester since 2008, was recently awarded $975,000 in federal funding. They have received a Phase II STTR from the NSF totaling $750,000 and a Phase I SBIR from the National Institutes of Health’s National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute totaling $225,000.

SiMPore develops and manufactures silicon-based membranes for biomedical and material science applications. Their STTR will be focused on hemodialysis, and their SBIR is focused on blood cell maturation. SiMPore recently hired additional employees and increased their office space by 1,000 square feet. We are very excited for them as they continue to pursue these revolutionary biomedical products!

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