Partner Spotlight: Rev Ithaca Startup Works

Spotlight on Rev Ithaca Startup Works podcast

In this episode, we spotlight our New York Neighbors at Rev Ithaca Startup Works and their Director, Ken Rother. Rev Ithaca Startup Works has a long history of serving entrepreneurs. […]

Dan O’Connell’s Climate Tech Success Story

Spotlight on Climate Tech podcast

Dan O’Connell, now plant manager for Plug Power, has launched several companies rooted in his passions for environmentalism, cars, and Rochester. Dan was previously the co-founder and CEO of American […]

From AgTech to Accelerator with Zoe Welz

From AgTech to Accelerator with Zoe Welz podcast

Meet Zoe Welz. Zoe got her start as a CEO and Co-founder in the AgTech sector with her company, Drovr, using smart-movable fences to help transform livestock management. From there […]