Growing a Family at Sydor Optics

Spotlight on Growing a Family at Snydor Optics Podcast

What started as a father-son operation in a garage is now a booming family business with nearly 90 employees. Sydor Optics carved out a niche in ultra precision flat optics, […]

Working the Room with Sandy Sloane

NextCorps Marketing Director, Holly Barrett, speaks with Founder and President of Solutions by Sloane and NextCorps Events Consultant, Sandy Sloane, about the ins and outs of networking. Making connections can […]

Spotlight on What’s Good: Using Trends to Pivot

As an entrepreneur, being able to quickly adjust in the face of an unforeseen challenge can be crucial. Holly Barrett, NextCorps Marketing Director, welcomes back Jennifer Young, Founder of What’s […]

Flower City Pro-Am Hackathon

Scott Root, Professional Development Manager from Wegmans’ IT Department, shares how to get involved with Wegmans’ Flower City Pro-Am Hackathon, a 24-hour hackathon taking placing March 28-29, 2020. Focused on […]

Copyright and Trademark Tips

David K. Hou, Partner at Boylan Code, shares his expertise in copyright and trademark law with Holly Barrett, NextCorps Marketing Director. David describes what makes a strong trademark, how to […]

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