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Splyce provides a fan web application for consumers to view their esports live, keep track of social media, and see highlights. Esports, shorthand for electronic sports, are sports that are facilitated by electronic systems- video game competitions.  Competitive video games have become a massive media market with more viewership than all major traditional sports. Splyce’s purpose is to provide their consumers the content they want for the esports they care about. Splyce provides a complete esports media experience on mobile or desktop platforms. Splyce currently owns eight successful pro esports teams, growing the Splyce name organically.

Splyce has noted NextCorps’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) as key players in their success.  Their EIRs provided advice for scaling their product, down and dirty fundraising experience, and making their platform profitable. Splyce is currently in a fundraising round and expanding their staff, physical locations, and professional teams.

Visit the Splyce website to learn more.

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