Certainty Analytical Labs Empowers Hemp & CBD Distributors with Quality Data

Brandy Young Certainty Analytical LabsAn interview with Founder and CEO, Brandy Young, PhD

What is Certainty Analytical Labs?

Certainty Analytical Labs is a B2B compliance testing laboratory that services food and agricultural customers that make up the hemp industry (e.g., hemp farmers, processors, and product manufacturers).

“We have a significant customer value proposition. We mitigate risk and provide safeguards so that our customers can be federally and state-wide compliant,” said Certainty Founder and CEO, Dr. Brandy Young. Compliance testing fulfills regulatory mandates that are set to ensure product identity, consumer safety, and label accuracy. “Ultimately, we provide our clients with a product Certificate-of-Analysis — which ensures a quality product(s) — and assist with their R&D requirements.”

Certainty Analytical Labs is building its testing services to include cannabinoid profiling, microbial screening, pesticide screening, heavy metal screening, terpene analysis, and more. They also work with clients to offer innovative R&D services that enable them to strategically place their products within the marketplace.

“Through accurate results, quick turnaround, and innovative R&D services, we are empowering our clients to quickly and legally enter their hemp/CBD products into the marketplace.”

How did you learn about NextCorps?

“I learned about NextCorps from a Godsend named Kate Washington,” said Young. Washington is Managing Partner at Enterprise Solutions International, an adjunct professor at the Simon Business School, and the City of Rochester’s former Deputy Commissioner of Neighborhood and Business Development.

“I’m a transplant to Rochester. My hometown is in Richmond, VA and I somehow thought I could start a business in Rochester without having much of a network. I made one call to Kate Washington and the doors opened up for me. I feel so lucky to know her.”

How has NextCorps helped you move forward?

“Building a lab requires burning a lot of cash before any money is made. By taking advantage of the infrastructure and support services at NextCorps I have mitigated a lot of that risk and grown my business. NextCorps is a one-stop shop for a budding entrepreneur and no doubt foundational for making my dream of owning/operating a lab a reality. I can’t speak enough about how lucky I feel to be a part of the NextCorps family.”

What’s next for your business?

“Certainty is in the beginning stages of offering our services. Our first go-to-market test is more than 90% complete. Through bootstrapping and small grants, we are preparing to go live with testing this quarter. To offer the full menu of testing services — six separate compliance tests — we need to onboard more capital equipment and add to our lab’s forthcoming scope of accreditation.

“The global hemp market was valued at $2.8 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $13.4 billion by 2028. The U.S market accounts for ~37.7% of this market, and New York is one of the top 10 hemp growing states. One challenge is the dearth of national testing laboratories and this is especially true in Western NY. Ultimately, we need support for scaling our laboratory operations so that we can fully support hemp-industry stakeholders.”

Connect with Certainty Analytical Labs for all your testing needs.

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Learn more about Certainty’s skilled laboratory professionals and in-house testing services at certainsciences.com.

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