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Startups make mistakes. It’s part of the journey, whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or first-time founder.

Matt Foley, Director of Startup Incubation at NextCorps, talks through ten of the most common pitfalls he’s seen in his experience advising hundreds of startups — in the hopes that you can avoid making these same mistakes yourself.

The right advisors can save you time, money, and heartache — but only if you engage them effectively.

Don Golini, Founder of QED Technologies and Chairman of the Luminate accelerator advisory board, offers his advice on how to convene and build strong relationships with mentors and advisors.

Organic traffic accounts for more than half of all website traffic. Don’t lose it to your competitors.

Steph Alexander, Account Director at Butler/Till, serves up tips to improve your search engine optimization and earn more organic traffic for your business.

If you’re interested in reaching a niche audience, consider geo-fencing.

Shelli Fitzsimmons, Account Executive at MNI Targeted Media, gives an intro to advanced geo-fencing, a digital tool that’s ideal for targeting (and then retargeting) those who attend an event or visit specific business locations.

Investors hear hundreds of pitches a year. Pique their interest by making a good first impression.

Jim Senall, President of NextCorps and Managing Director of the Rochester Angel Network, provides ten pointers for more successful first meetings with investors.

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