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What’s Good

Founder: Jennifer Young

What’s Good is a ‘not-just-for profit’ online store, specializing in environmentally and socially responsible products for home and office.

We believe a customer shouldn’t have to forgo a healthier, greener choice because the right choice is too expensive or too hard to find. We believe What’s Good customers do more than buy, they understand the power of their dollars. Each dollar that he or she spends is an action, a force that sends a message, limits our negative impact on the earth, provides a living wage for our employees, and contributes to the greater good.

Our vision is to become the trusted online resource for ‘good’ products from makers and small businesses who care about the greater good, providing informative content, convenient shopping, and good-friend customer service, while generating good opportunities for our employees, and significant returns to the greater good.

Our mission is to provide healthy, green, ethically sourced products in one place at competitive prices along with helpful content, friendly and knowledgeable customer service (delivered by humans), all while sustaining programs that support the greater good and a company culture that enriches the lives of our employees.

Visit the What’s Good website for more information.

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